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Tech Salary Trends

The most recent years has seen a trend increase in salary for tech positions. Ever since COVID-19 hit, its no surprise that the need for tech experts and security drastically increased throughout many businesses as they transitioned from an in- person environment to a...

Recent News From Google

The wait is finally over. Google recently announced that you will soon be able to ask them to remove your phone number, email, and/ or address from search results. This is a great new feature to make it easier for anyone to keep their personal information safe and...

Recent Ransomware Attacks: Learn from Other’s Mistakes

The ongoing pandemic and Russia’s war in Ukraine has created ransomware surge. The headlines that have recently been in the news regarding major ransomware attacks can actually help protect you. Becoming aware of why and where ransomware attacks are being seen can...

Cybercrime Targeting Small and Medium Sized Businesses

Large organizations such as JP Morgan, Home Depot, and eBay have experienced breaches and made headlines, but they are not the only ones at risk. Small and medium sized businesses hold a majority of those who are targeted and are very vulnerable to cybercrime....

Tip of the Week: What to Do if You’ve Been Hacked

Being the victim of a suspected breach or hack can be scary and confusing. Your primary concern should be to prevent further data loss and remember to not destroy the evidence. Below are steps you must take if you have been hacked, while shutting down your systems....

Underestimating the Cost of Vacancies

Almost all businesses do not know the financial cost they are paying when they have vacant positions. There are a few reasons why companies struggle to fill positions, specifically for technology. Recruiting talent in- house can be a challenge. Candidates don’t show...

Tip of the Week: Navigating a Cyber Resilience Strategy

Building a good foundation of cyber resiliency is not easy. Cybersecurity threats will continue to rise and look for new ways to damage your technology as time goes on. This makes it hard to keep up with and overwhelming to manage. This week’s tip will help you...

Interview Advice From CTN Solutions’ IT Staffing

Interviews are one of the most important opportunities to have a successful first impression for a potential job position. It is crucial that you come prepared and understand what exactly to avoid doing in order help yourself move along in the interview process. Rich...

AI and Machine Learning: Technology Trend for 2022

When looking into cybersecurity trends for 2022, a major topic is artificial intelligence and machine learning. If you are not familiar with these terms, Microsoft defines, artificial intelligence as “the capability of a computer system to mimic human cognitive...

IT and Cybersecurity Vacancies

IT workers are crucial ‘behind the scenes’ operators to have in a business and government sector. Technology security is a key element in protecting companies, but it has seemingly grown more difficult to fill IT positions who would be the ones to carry out the...

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