The “10-Job” Engineer is Here

January 17, 2023

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There were numerous tech trends from 2022, and more to develop into this coming year. Recently, a Tech Trends 2023 report from Deloitte brought to light a new, multiskilled specialist, also known as the “10-job engineer” that could be a common theme this year.

Nowadays, employers are looking to prepare their employees for a new world of technology. As we know, technology advances every day. It is always growing and getting more complicated to maintain. With this comes the concern of having the proper IT talent in place at all times in your workplace. Rather than constantly hiring new talent, employers are looking to invest to train their current tech employees on new subjects that arise. Essentially, employers seek to find their very own ’10-job- engineer’, as they’re confident the talent can be already found within their organization. This 10-job engineer has many talents and skills they learn and develop over time, opposed to numerous specialists, each in one area of IT.

“The typical IT wizard these days—they want to get really deep in something for about two to three to four years. And then, as part of their job description, pull back up, retrain, and become really deep in something else for two, three, four years,” shared Mike Bechtel, from Deloitte.

Although not every skill can be upskilled, the concept of a 10-job engineer is growing in popularity. Will this be one of our big staffing trends in 2023? We will see!


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