Voice over Internet Protocol is a Valuable Tool

January 30, 2020

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With the cost of doing business rising, it is no surprise that the decision makers at many organizations are looking to save a bit of money where they can. The cloud has proven to be a particularly popular way of doing so – especially through its replacement of traditional telephony with advanced communication methods, like hosted VoIP.

Let’s explore how hosted VoIP allows you to manage your investment into your communications without sacrificing the functionality you require.

Reduced Hardware Expenditures

If you’ve ever run phone lines from a distribution hub through the walls to the many points in a business that the traditional telephone service required, you know that it is quite the endeavor. Not only is it challenging work, but it can also be very time-consuming, and expensive to boot. A VoIP solution requires only a connection to the company’s broadband, making it far easier to add and remove users as needed.

Furthermore, the biggest expense of the traditional business telephone setup, the PBX system, is actually no longer needed with hosted VoIP. This could potentially save your company thousands of dollars for each user. By switching from the capital expense of your own PBX system to the operational expenses associated with VoIP, such spending has less of an impact.

Improved Fee Structuring

Consider the bills you get for your telephone service – each minute raises the price, and more than you may expect. Long distance calling fees are often attributed to local calls and wind up costing subscribers more. Hosted VoIP can provide significant cost savings by eliminating and minimizing these kinds of expenses.

Let’s break this down briefly. Rather than using costly telephone services to make calls, VoIP instead relies on broadband Internet. Nowadays, this alternative is pretty inexpensive, more or less required for modern functionality, and widely available through a variety of regional carriers. As a result, it is available to you as that operational expense, as we mentioned above, with scalability, flexibility, and cost savings baked into its per-user deployment.


VoIP also increases the value that businesses get out of their telephony by adding mobile capabilities via applications. Most VoIP systems have associated mobile apps available for download on Google Play or the App Store, making them much more flexible than the traditional desk phone without requiring the business to invest in company-owned mobile devices. Furthermore, because these applications can work over Wi-Fi or a virtual private network, other investments can be avoided as a business puts a mobile strategy in place.

VoIP is effectively what you get if you take the traditional business phone system, keeping all of its most useful options, and add mobile capabilities while removing its major downsides like the high costs and fees and maintenance needs. If you’re looking into ways to decrease your costs, you could do a lot worse than implementing a VoIP solution.

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