2022 Cybersecurity Trends

January 14, 2022

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It’s not a surprise, in the new year, hackers will try to take advantage of your employees through these 2 trends:

  • Social Engineering
  • Remote Work

Social engineering manipulates people into giving up confidential information. Most commonly, the hacker tries to lure a password or bank information from the victim. How can you protect your business? Security awareness training is the answer, but until you enact a formal program, keep these tips in mind:

  1. Slow down! Don’t be influenced by an immediate, urgent request.
  2. Hover over a link before clicking.
  3. Check with the sender before responding to anything suspicious.

Remote work, or a hybrid of office and remote work, continues to be the norm in these early days of the new year. As many employees continue to work remotely, consider a few ways to reduce the risk of exposure:

  1. Protect your network inside and outside the office with proper back ups and a disaster recovery plan.
  2. Train new staff on your company mobile device management and security policy.
  3. Refresher courses for existing employees and training sessions, when procedures change, will prove to be effective reinforcement of the security policies in place.

For more information about how to address these sobering trends in 2022, contact your CTN Account Manager.

Source: Smarter MSP


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