3 Benefits That a Managed Help Desk Solution Brings to the SMB

April 17, 2015

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b2ap3_thumbnail_managed_it_services_400.jpgAs a business owner, you know that technology is a necessary, albeit unpredictable, investment. Your organization thrives off of it operating as expected, yet suffers when it doesn’t function properly. This is the primary reason why the idea of help desk support was first introduced. It’s an effective medium through which your employees can receive tech support when it’s needed most.

While some businesses have an internal help desk team, this team usually consists of the same professionals that make up their IT staff. Because of this, basic troubleshooting can be put on the back burner due to more pressing matters taking priority. When an employee’s technology doesn’t operate as expected, it can lead to lost productivity; plus, restricted access to necessary applications and mission-critical data can be a hassle nobody wants to deal with. In fact, it can be maddening.

Nothing is more frustrating than a problem that’s not resolved within a reasonable amount of time. This is why CTN Solutions offers managed help desk services for businesses that find themselves in these situations. Here are three of the best benefits you’ll attain through our managed help desk service.

Remote Technology Assistance, When You Need It
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Technology can start acting strangely when you least expect it to; like, say, on a business trip. If you’re out and about, you might not have the ability to ask your internal staff for assistance. Therefore, remote options are your only choice. If anything, this is good, since most problems related to IT can be diagnosed and resolved remotely. This means that you aren’t paying for an on-site visit from our techs, and you’re getting immediate assistance. How’s that for efficiency?

No Matter the Circumstance, We’ve Got Your Back
When you need tech support, it can often be after-hours when the hotlines aren’t available. This can complicate things when you absolutely need assistance.

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For those times when you simply can’t wait for help to arrive, CTN Solutions is available to keep your technology up to speed and competitive. This keeps your IT staff free from basic troubleshooting tasks, and gives them the ability to integrate new solutions and projects into your infrastructure.

Expenses You Can Budget For
Standard tech support through a hotline is pretty predictable. Since they charge by the hour, more intricate problems can quickly rack up a surprise bill that might not be budgeted for. Worse, the problem isn’t guaranteed to be fixed. These tech support hotlines are often of the break-fix variety. This means that they benefit from your technology breaking, and then helping you fix it. In this sense, they have no interest in indefinitely resolving an issue, and everything is all about how much profit they can squeeze out of your business.

CTN Solutions is nothing like this. Since we charge a fixed fee for our managed help desk solution, it would be wasteful to not resolve the issue as quickly as possible. We operate based off of the mutual benefits both your team and ours receive. You save money and time when the issue is resolved properly the first time. If you’re benefiting from our services, then so are we.

For more information on how to get set up with a managed help desk solution from CTN Solutions, give us a call at (610) 828- 5500.


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