3 Easy Ways to Get Your Business Started With Automation Technology

January 23, 2017

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Business use IT more today than ever before, and this has led business owners, CIOs and IT managers to constantly search for ways to deliver organizational profitability through technology. They do this by attempting, sometimes futilely, to pinpoint issues with their overall business strategy and practices while discovering technology solutions that will help mitigate these problems. Typically, if an IT manager speculates that a technology implementation will reduce costs or improve productivity, those solutions find a way to be implemented.

In 2017, when there is more technology to choose from than there are colors in a box of crayons, it’s important to rely on competent and frugal managers to find you the technology that can work to make your business more efficient. Here are three ways businesses that have never relied on automation can leverage it to improve some aspect of their business.

Social Media
Nowadays, having a social media presence is standard operating procedure for businesses. Platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and LinkedIn can help to boost your business’ traffic, but if you don’t have the resources to continuously keep up with updating social media, there are options out there that will add some degree of automation to your social media initiatives. The application called Hootsuite was created to assist organizations to enhance their social media presence without having to put as much time and effort into their social media marketing. Hootsuite offers a free plan that supports three social media profiles and two campaigns, and it also has affordable paid options that provide organizations with several additional tools.

Paperless Automation
Going paperless can save your business plenty of resources, but sticking with a paperless office strategy is no easy task. Utilizing modern scanning equipment (as opposed to the old one-page-at-a-time flatbed technology), you can process more documents in less time. Using software to organize, share, and distribute scanned documents, both on-premise or in the cloud, can speed up the overhead and save a lot of time in the long run. Equally as important, is to make sure digitized files are backed up automatically, so your data is stored redundantly in case of a disaster.

Point of Sales and E-Commerce
When your organization sets out to sell products, whether you are focusing on sales inside a brick and mortar store on selling to clients on the Internet, it is important that you have a secure and reliable sales interface. Since business often moves faster than people do, having a solution to process payments, and get products to customers, is essential. There is software that delivers automation by linking your organization’s storefront to your fulfillment vendors. This automation, integrating the invoicing, shipping, and customer feedback processes into one easy-to-manage solution, provides any product-based organization the tools they need to enhance customer satisfaction, build reliable customer relationships, and provide top notch support.

If your business is searching for solutions to your major business problems, there is a good chance that there is software that has been developed to remedy those issues. Do you already use automated services to help your business be more efficient? Have you considered trying some to further your organization’s goals? Tell us all about it in the comments section below.


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