3 Fundamentals Every IT Strategy Needs

February 19, 2016

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b2ap3_thumbnail_questioning_your_it_400.jpgWhen running a business, you can’t always upgrade your technology to the latest and greatest equipment or software every time something new comes out. Yet, you also don’t want to be left behind, which would be limiting to your growth and mobility. Moving forward can be a daunting task, especially if you haven’t revamped your IT strategy in some time. Paying attention to the details is an important part of avoiding potential roadblocks with your future IT strategy.

Before you charge forward, take a moment to reconsider your current IT strategy, and make sure that it suits the needs of your business. Here are three aspects you should look at when thinking of your IT infrastructure.

Don’t Spread Yourself Too Thin
A classic reason that IT departments are unable to accomplish their multitude of tasks is that they have too many responsibilities, or lack the time or resources necessary to fulfill their duties. This happens when an IT department has several new initiatives that need to be deployed, but doesn’t have the staff to implement them. Essentially, what happens is that nothing at all will get done because IT will be too busy putting out fires and responding to urgent problems to do anything else.

One way that this can be avoided is by implementing an outsourced IT strategy with CTN Solutions at the helm. We can respond to any and all tech support inquiries for your business, so your in-house team (if you have one) can focus on the deployment of new technology initiatives. We’re not in the business to step on your IT department’s toes, but instead can supplement their efforts to let them focus on projects and work that will increase the profitability of the business, while we manage the tasks that get in the way.

Which Initiatives Should Take Priority?
Prioritizing tasks is an often talked about problem. If everything is considered a priority, then nothing can become a priority, and progress stagnates. For example, let’s say that implementing a new email solution has been on the docket for a while, but your team has grown significantly since your last infrastructure revamp. The best way to approach this situation would be to handle network issues that could cause downtime before adding new solutions, but it’s not always an easy choice to make. It’s the responsibility of the IT decision maker to delegate tasks in a reasonable and logical manner, and this task is made significantly easier by having consultants like CTN Solutions’s IT professionals by your side.

Is Your Network Prepared for Growth?
When was the last time you analyzed the needs of your growing network? As a business grows, so too does the strain put on a network that’s constantly being accessed by more and more users. This means that unexpected amounts of traffic could slow down your network to the point where it’s difficult to get anything done. Downtime can cost your business in the long run, so your network should be optimized to ensure that your team can always stay productive. CTN Solutions can help your business make changes to your network in ways which help you get the most out of it.

Often times, you’ll be so attached to the work you’ve put into your IT infrastructure that you might be reluctant to change it up, or you’ll have a biased opinion of it that can cloud your judgment. Sometimes the best thing you can do for your IT strategy is to involve an external party of IT experts, like those at CTN Solutions. We can offer an objective look at your IT infrastructure and offer ways in which you can change it for your benefit.

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