Breach at T-Mobile

February 2, 2023

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T-Mobile announced they have been breached again. This incident comes about a year and a half after a previous breach, which compromised 76.6 million people’s personal data. This time, the breach exposed 37 million customer accounts. Although the breach effected so many customers, T-Mobile continues to downplay it.

The service provider recognized the cyberattack on January 5th, 2023, but discovered in their investigation that the unauthorized access began on or around November 25th. Additionally, with the help of cybersecurity experts, they were able to find the source of the breach and put a stop to it in under 24 hours. The investigation is not done just yet, but T-Mobile did conclude that their network was not affected during this breach.

This malicious activity was clearly a major one that caused a setback in their business However, CEO Mike Sievert is confident that their cybersecurity investments will prevent this from happening again. The problem here is that there have been multiple occurrences that have compromised customers personal data in the past. T-Mobile declines to answer questions about the attack. Representatives seem to downplay what happened and put a spin on the story. A total of eight breaches have been made newsworthy headlines within the past few years. Therefore, its questionable if their cybersecurity plan is in fact in proper shape.

Although T-Mobile’s CEO believes the mess is swiftly being cleaned up by experts they have invested in, it still hurt 37 million customers accounts. This type of (repetitive) damage not only effects the company brand and reputation, but also halts retaining customers and bringing in new ones.

Source; Cybersecurity Dive


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