Cloud Computing within the Construction Industry

January 20, 2015

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b2ap3_thumbnail_cloud400.jpgConstruction, like many other big industries, is now fully aware of the cloud computing movement. Cloud computing is helping accelerate the uptake of IT within the small and medium sized of construction businesses because of the pricing models it supports.

A framework for implementation of cloud-based systems for construction was proposed where it was concluded that interoperability issues for systems as well as information holds the key to its success. The construction industry will benefit from the adoption of three different types of software. Industry specific solutions that provide a large range of construction business capabilities, general suite applications that can be customized to fit the construction industry, and point solutions for specific business functions (for example email). As companies continue to see success using cloud based solutions the trend will continue to grow. For more information on how Cloud Computing could help your construction business contact CTN Solutions at

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