CTN Presents a Webinar on Cybersecurity

March 15, 2021

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CTN presents a webinar on cybersecurity and how cyber insurance can help your business.

Do you have a cyber policy today? Is it relevant based on your current business needs? Will it actually work in response to a cyber event? Join us March 31st at 11:00am EST to hear how a standalone cyber policy can help you survive a cyberattack or data breach.


We will discuss the verticals most at risk and how cyber insurance addresses:

1) Supply chain risk created by your customers’ and vendors’ digital infrastructure

2) Compliance exposures from new data security regulations like the Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification

3) Vulnerabilities created by virtual and cloud computing technologies for remote workforces

Joining CTN is Kirsten Bay the Co-founder and CEO of Cysurance, a next-generation platform delivering cyberinsurance as a service. A former executive at big data and cybersecurity companies, Kirsten bringsover 25 years of experience in risk intelligence, information management and policy expertise and has served on congressional committees developing cyber policies.

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