Cybersecurity Breach on Uber

October 21, 2022

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Uber, the popular ride-sharing app, announced they were hacked through a social engineering scheme in September. The breach affected multiple company accounts, leading them to take several systems offline in order to investigate Although not all details were revealed, this incident urged Uber to build a stronger cybersecurity to prevent it from happening again.

The day the breach was made public, Uber’s stock price dropped by 5%, and then by another 12% in the following week. An individual came forward stating they were responsible for the breach. He sent a text message to an Uber employee pretending to be a corporate IT person. This impersonation caused the worker to hand over a password which allowed the hacker to use the social engineering technique, preying on unsuspecting users and gaining access to Ubers systems. Social engineering attacks are on the rise.

Nowadays, online attackers are getting smarter and smarter. Companies who fall victim to breaches, even major ones like Uber, need to keep up with and improve their cybersecurity defenses by having an MSP in place. All workers must also be aware of and learn how to prevent a potential breach by following best practices. For more information on best practice tips, follow CTN’s LinkedIn page for our daily tips in honor of October’s cybersecurity awareness month!


Source: SmarterMSP

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