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October 26, 2022

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Training employees on cybersecurity isn’t easy. Most people don’t understand complicated IT terms, have short attention spans on this subject, don’t take it seriously, and so on. Although training for engineers and technicians is filled with algorithms, artificial intelligence, and new software, keeping people informed on the basics of cybersecurity best practices is the one of the most important lessons to focus on.

Within any business, employees not in the technical space tend to not give their full attention to cybersecurity training. Try to keep your trainings short and directly to the point. It shouldn’t be brushed over, but it also shouldn’t take too long and seem dragged out. Most employees will start to get eager to get back to their workday to-do list.

Additionally, emphasize to employees that they are a stakeholder. If a breach occurs, it can impact them in several ways. They will take training more seriously and pay closer attention to it if the right scary message successfully comes across. Some things to mention here are the possibilities of the company having to shut down, impacting salaries, bonuses, and other benefits.

All in all, cybersecurity training is important, but it is only successful and worthwhile if it is done correctly for all people. Take advantage of free training. It is a great opportunity. Keep trainings brief, only hitting the most important points, preferably early in the training too. Also make sure you express to employees that each one of them is a stakeholder. Hackers can negatively impact a large group of people within one organization, or everyone. The consequences can be very serious and hard to clean up. Breaches can be quickly stopped if everyone has full knowledge and good training on the subject, so make sure you follow this advice in your training.

Source: SmarterMSP


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