Data Breach at American Airlines

September 23, 2022

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American Airlines is facing a serious situation to clean up. Recent news revealed the airline experienced a data breach in July that effected customers and employees. Their personal information was hacked through a phishing scam, but there was no comment if their information was misused by the hackers.

In response to the data breach, the airline hired a cybersecurity firm to investigate the incident. The hackers were able to see some customers and employee’s personal information such as date of birth, driver’s license, passport numbers and medical information. American Airlines is making sure a data breach does not occur again as they are strengthening their cybersecurity protection. Additionally, the airline offered two years of identity theft- protection coverage to those affected by the data breach.

Since experiencing the phishing attack that enabled hackers to access employees and customers personal information, American Airlines has enforced better cyber defenses. Investigators believe peoples information was not used by the hackers, but it remains questionable.



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