Don’t Fall for These IT Myths!

June 1, 2022

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The IT world has seen and heard of many myths that can ultimately lead you in the wrong direction. Knowing what is true versus what is not can be helpful knowledge for any tech- related situation you might encounter. Below are just some myths and its reality that have been gathered which will be a beneficial tip to know now, or in the future.

  1. Myth: Good CIOs are chief technologists
  • Reality: Good CIOs are business leaders managing a complex technology services business to deliver value to the organization.
  1. Myth: IT strategy follows business strategy
  • Reality: Business and IT strategy are closely related. You must involve you CIO in business strategy and planning.
  1. Myth: Enterprise architecture is driven by IT for IT
  • Reality: Enterprise architecture is a business- focused activity that aligns business and IT outcomes.
  1. Myth: IT costs too much
  • Reality: Most organizations don’t have a full understanding of how much they really spend on IT or why.
  1. Myth: IT doesn’t create value
  • Reality: IT can help an organization to create value by both reducing overall costs and creating new products/ services that help to grow revenues.
  1. Myth: IT should set priorities and make decisions about IT investment
  • Reality: Business leaders must be active participants in IT investment prioritization and governance.
  1. Myth: It is impossible to measure IT development team delivery performance
  • Reality: IT delivery performance can and must be measured against business outcomes. Take a holistic and business focused view for greater effectiveness.
  1. Myth: The war for IT talent poses a serious threat
  • Reality: The right approach to human capital can ensure your organization has access to the right IT talent when and where you need it.
  1. Myth: Outsourcing is a quick fix
  • Reality: Pursuing a quick fix through outsourcing creates long term pain. Consider what really needs to be outsourced and structure deals around business outcomes.
  1. Myth: Big systems transformations always fail
  • Reality: While business- led IT transformations are challenging, it is possible to deliver them successfully and transform the organization.


Source; Deloitte


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