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May 4, 2020

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With the COVID-19 pandemic causing businesses to rethink their operational strategies, some have had to make a quick digital transformation, while other businesses have accomplished this before the stay-at-home orders. However, with employees working from home, we thought this was the perfect time to highlight four tools businesses can use to improve their work-from-home strategies. 

Analysis, In Real Time

Making prudent and qualified decisions is more important now that it has ever been. To be able to make informed decisions, many SMBs are looking to their analytics platforms. By looking at how aspects of your businesses are functioning in real time, you can quickly change strategies that need to be changed, in order to keep your business running efficiently.

Additionally, many analytic systems can be structured near the edge of an organization’s computing network, giving them more insight into how data is flowing in and out of their network.

Other benefits include:

  • Managing location data – Directs decision makers’ strategies by determining the relevant data for multiple locations.
  • Anomaly detection – Helps decision makers detect outlying data sets to avoid impulsive decision making. 
  • Improved marketing – Assists decision makers to make decisions based on demand when it otherwise wouldn’t be noticed.

Voice Over Internet Protocol

VoIP is one of the most useful tools for teleworkers. It provides strong communication options, highlighted by an enterprise-grade telephone system, for pennies on the proverbial dollar. Additional available options that can help remote workers such as instant messaging, text messaging, and audio and video conferencing make VoIP a powerful tool for businesses looking to sustain levels of productivity with workers out of the office. 


One of the best tools for cutting costs is process automation. A lot of businesses are trying to effectively identify processes within their workflow where they can automate mundane or repetitive tasks. By having the type of consistency automation brings to these types of tasks, businesses can utilize their human resources on more revenue-building assignments.

Tasks that can be automated include:

  • Tasks that involve moving information around.
  • Frequent and mundane, but necessary tasks.
  • Tasks that frequently interrupt focus on business-critical tasks.

Making the investment to automate parts of your business will assuredly save your organization money. Best yet, by automating these tasks now, once operations return to normal, you will keep seeing the cost savings you do today. 

Online Sales

There are a lot of businesses that have implemented some semblance of ecommerce prior to this event. But if you haven’t, or if you have a limited ecommerce platform, you could see a major bump in revenue from investing in your ecommerce platform. In retail, companies are seeing double and even triple times the sales through their ecommerce solution than they did only a few short weeks ago. Prioritizing your online sales will go a long way toward keeping revenues up while your storefront is closed.

For the small business these can be lean times. Knowing what technologies and strategies to implement will go a long way toward getting you through this period. For more information about technology and how it can work for your business during the COVID-19 period, call CTN Solutions today at (610) 828- 5500. 


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