How Virtualization Can Be a Lucrative Investment for Your Business

September 9, 2016

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Hosting an in-house IT infrastructure may give you the reassurance that all of your servers and network equipment are being cared for properly, but it’s important to realize that your time is better spent elsewhere, like running your business. If you’re unsure if you’re providing the necessary maintenance and management for your mission-critical hardware solutions, virtualization can present a valuable opportunity.

Virtualization helps your business simplify its infrastructure by eliminating unnecessary hardware components. These components are then virtualized and stored in the cloud, which can cut down on the amount of in-house equipment that must be managed and maintained. Plus, you need to consider how much energy is spent powering all of your mission-critical components, and how much you could save by cutting down your in-house resources. We’ll explain how virtualization can affect your organization’s technological assets for the benefit of your budget and operations.

We want to ask you to think about the first few months of your business venture. Recall how big of a pain it was to connect all of your workstations to the same corporate network. Remember how much time it took? All of those wires are relatively inflexible and difficult to move on a whim, so adding new workstations or components was a hassle–let alone the nightmare of moving your office’s location. Virtual networks allow your organization to deploy data and applications across the cloud, which can create efficient access (even remote access) to your assets without the complicated physical setup.

Desktop Infrastructure
When it comes to individual productivity, few assets are more important than an individual workstation’s desktop infrastructure. Your company’s workstations house your critical applications, the technology used by your employees that drive your business forward. By virtualizing desktop infrastructures, your workstations will become less-resource intensive and more inexpensive to maintain. Commonly referred to as ‘thin clients’, these solutions will pull the needed applications and data from a central location, which eliminates the need for more expensive technology that uses more electricity and more of your IT budget. You can then reinvest the saved revenue into your IT budget for other initiatives.

Data Storage
Data storage is experiencing the same shift as the physical in-house network. Rather than host and maintain physical data storage units on-premises, it’s easier and more efficient to migrate this data to the cloud, and store it in a virtual environment. Anyone who needs access to the data can then access it from a secure connection. The greatest benefit of this is that you can scale according to your organization’s specific information, and allow access on a per-user basis on approved devices.

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