Hundreds of Millions of User Passwords Exposed to Facebook Employees

March 25, 2019

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Many companies, indeed mine as well, have felt the push to move to Microsoft Office 365, Amazon AWS, or Google G Suite. As a provider we have been forced to embrace this change – like it or not. Many view these services as the panacea for easier and cheaper IT. We crave anything faster, easier, and cheaper. Give us something for free and we love it even more. But at what cost? This Facebook mess (and that is what it is when hundreds of millions of passwords are accessible to others) is just the latest example.

Do you have all of your data “eggs” in one basket at an Apple, Google, Amazon, or Microsoft? You may want to think again. Microsoft may have you think otherwise, but providers like my firm CTN are even more important today to help manage and mitigate risk while supporting your other most important asset – your human capital. So be careful out there in Internet world where your organization’s digital assets reside. None of these companies are too big to fail.

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