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April 13, 2022

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IT workers are crucial ‘behind the scenes’ operators to have in a business and government sector. Technology security is a key element in protecting companies, but it has seemingly grown more difficult to fill IT positions who would be the ones to carry out the cybersecurity.

There is currently a lack of qualified professionals. This field has various requirements and expanding needs to get hired. Businesses are beginning to take away the 4- year degree requirement and focus more on other knowledge and skills to hopefully gain more candidates. This struggle to fill IT/ cybersecurity positions stems from the rapid growth of advancements and expertise, while the supply of IT professionals has remained the same within the past few years. Today’s economy revolves around data, and it can be challenging to keep up with technology.

With the growing concern of filling IT positions, it is advised that businesses focus and improve the currently employed IT people.  It can take an unpredictable number of months to fill these positions, so the best thing to do is to continue to strengthen the IT and cybersecurity team a company already has. Most organizations are struggling with the IT staffing shortage, putting a large amount of people at risk, but improving the current standing of a business can help companies become more technologically secure.

All in all, cybersecurity vacancies are going to continue to grow, and it will take time to shorten the gap. Our economy has a lack of qualified professionals due to this field becoming more needed in the past decade. Cyberattacks and online criminals have unfortunately become common, and now businesses are urgently trying to hire IT professionals all at the same time. Our market is not in good shape, so companies should attempt to train current IT employees to become familiar with today’s cybersecurity needs and data- driven economy.




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