Complete IT Solutions

At CTN Solutions, we are dedicated to helping businesses in Philadelphia and New Jersey thrive by providing a wide range of IT services tailored to your unique needs.

We offer the following core services:

  • IT Strategy
  • Managed IT & Cloud Services
  • Cybersecurity
  • Backup & Disaster Recovery


We’ll worry about the Technology

We ensure your business’s seamless operation by handling all things technological. Our commitment to exceeding client expectations is rooted in providing expertise, guidance, and support, allowing you to focus on business growth. At CTN, we view technology strategically, serving as your trusted partner in aligning IT with your business goals. Our success is driven by a steadfast dedication to 100% client satisfaction – a guarantee we uphold through tailored solutions and a commitment to excellence in systems, processes, and people.

CTN Solutions has been honored by Philadelphia 100 Top Companies and CRN MSP 500 on a few occassions:


IT Solutions & Services

Our expert team serves as your outsourced IT department, swiftly addressing issues across servers, networks, computers, applications, and mobile devices. We provide end-to-end solutions for all your technology needs.

IT Strategy

Our IT experts craft a comprehensive long-term strategy aligning your business goals with technology.

Managed IT & Cloud Services

Our flexible managed services and cloud solutions are designed to meet a wide range of business technology needs. We examine options and recommend the best infrastructure customized solution for your organization.


SecureCare by CTN Solutions brings large-enterprise-level cybersecurity to organizations of all sizes. 

Backup & Disaster Recovery

We can help you determine your recovery time, recovery point objectives and develop your business continuity plan. 

We do strategic IT

Expert Team

We have all the IT skill sets at your disposal.

Seamless Solutions

We provide services that “fill the gaps” and round out your IT needs.

Holistic Approach

We look at the big picture and work with your IT professionals to make sure your business is getting IT needs met 24/7.

Total IT Solutions

We become your outsourced IT professional team, fulfilling all 25 roles so you can focus on your business.


Get the support & reliability your business deserves

Established in 1997, CTN Solutions was founded with the mission of delivering top-tier IT services and cybersecurity solutions to organizations of all sizes. Committed to being a trusted partner, our team comprises seasoned IT professionals adept at crafting strategic IT plans, implementing sophisticated cybersecurity measures, safeguarding client data, and offering reliable support and backup services when needed. Your business deserves a dedicated ally in the evolving digital landscape – choose CTN Solutions for comprehensive, professional IT support.


How to get started

Schedule a Consulation

Our expert team provides personalized consultations, analyzing your unique infrastructure, technology, and security measures to tailor solutions that drive success.


Request a Free Assessment

Share details about your current systems and setup, empowering us to pinpoint high-priority solutions.

What Our Customers Are Saying


“CTN knows what they are doing. Without a doubt CTN knew what they were doing when they started working with our organization. Their knowledge and responsiveness to our goals – and their ability to explain to our team what was going on – were exactly what our organization needed. Perhaps most importantly, CTN listened to our needs, truly helped support our mission, and has become a valued and trusted strategic partner.”
President & CEO, Non-Profit for the Visually Impaired


“CTN assessed our needs and exceeded our expectations. We were losing money, wasting time, frustrating customers, and getting distracted from growing our business. Our IT systems were not performing for us, instead, they were costing us time and money. CTN assessed our needs and recommended a solution that would make our business more productive. We realized higher productivity and a reduction in costs. With the cloud solution CTN has implemented and now manages, we now can invest our time and talents in growing sales and serving our customers.“

– President & CEO Of Construction Management Company

Ready to grow your business with seamless IT solutions? Partner with CTN Solutions today and experience unparalleled expertise, dedicated support, and innovative strategies tailored just for you.

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