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June 3, 2022

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In recent IT reports, there have been more and more tech layoffs. Yet, IT staffing continues to demonstrate resiliency with what they face amongst our current challenging economy. Considering we have rising inflation and interest rates, supply chain disruptions, and sudden impacts from the war in Ukraine and COVID-19, its impressive that IT staffing has been resilient through these times.

According to the SIA, “IT staffing companies are struggling to keep up with the elevated and continually rising pay rates, and time will tell whether talent lose some of their leverage and bill/pay rates pull back. Pay rates are up 13% year over year, but bill rates are up 14% year over year.”

Although this is a current obstacle, the best and most logical option to fulfill IT staffing is to leverage a staffing partner. Leveraging a staffing partner will better your chances of succeeding in filling tech roles among companies who do not have partners. This leads to networking, which is the best way to reach a larger audience that will then lead you to finding more candidates.

Big tech companies such as Uber, Meta, and Twitter have initiated a hiring freeze. Some smaller companies who have recently done the same includes DataRobot, a machine learning company; Carvana, a used car retailer; and Latch, an enterprise SaaS company. Knowing that even some of the largest and more well known corporations are struggling with tech layoffs and staffing needs, it truly reflects that it is a national issue.

The need to fill IT roles is in serious demand. Many companies have gone to great lengths to attempt to meet those needs. To ease the IT staffing concern at a company, the best option is to bring in a staffing partner. Although our economy continues to be difficult to manage, the IT staffing world has been going strong, and hopes to continue doing so.

Source; SIA


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