January 6th is National Technology Day!

January 6, 2023

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National Technology Day is celebrated on January 6th, in which we honor the technological enhancements throughout the years that have impacted the way we live. The unofficial holiday in the U.S. was founded by AXEL, a leading technology- based company, in 2016. Technology has dramatically changed since the beginning of time. It is the reason we have made such great breakthroughs in the healthcare industry, as well education, security, and more. Today is a wonderful day to reflect on just how far we have come in our advanced technological world!

Additionally, tech has greatly changed cybersecurity. As technology progresses, so does cybercriminals, unfortunately. This is one reason why we have been able to create features like encryption, multi- factor authorization, and artificial intelligence. With cyberattacks being a common occurrence these days, its critical to bring in an MSP and cybersecurity experts that can keep up with the everchanging technology and smart cybercriminals.

How can we observe national technology day? Here are a few ideas:

  • Stay updates with the latest technology
  • Take a ride through technology’s history
  • Enroll for a technology class
  • Do fun technology activities with your children
  • Share and discuss your technology-based ideas
  • Spread some technology love on social media #TechnologyDay

Some interesting facts:

  • Some people have a fear of technology, referred to as “technophobia”
  • The word “robot” means “forced labor” in Czech
  • The Mouse used to be called the X-Y Position indicator
  • The digital age began in the 1980s and we are currently still in it


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