Microsoft Expanding Its Threat- Intelligence Operations

June 17, 2022

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Microsoft recently announced it is acquiring “Miburo”, a foreign cyberthreat analysis vendor. The vendor specializes in detecting threats and responding to foreign information operations. They are very well known for having the expertise in social media investigations as well. Although Microsoft currently does successfully manage detecting foreign cyber threats, there is always room for improvement and further protection. Therefore, Miburo is viewed by Microsoft as a valuable asset to boost their threat intelligence research into new foreign cyber threats.

Tom Burt, VP of Customer Security and Trust at Microsoft, made a statement regarding this acquisition, stating “Miburo will also shed light on the ways in which foreign actors use information operations in conjunction with other cyberattacks to achieve their objectives. …With the acquisition of Miburo, we will continue our mission to take action, and to partner with others in the public and private sectors to find long-term solutions that will stop foreign adversaries from threatening public and private sector customers and, in fact, the very foundations of our democracy.” He also expresses the Miburo’s research teams can detect and attribute malign and extremist influence campaigns across 16 languages.

Acquiring Miburo into Microsoft’s environment will benefit them in strong ways regarding online threats and cybersecurity. With the vendor joining Microsoft’s Customer Security and Trust organization, they will help Microsoft expand its threat detection, analysis capabilities, and countering foreign information operations.

Source; ZDNet


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