Poor Cybersecurity Habits

February 17, 2023

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Habits can be very difficult to break. When it comes to cybersecurity, bad habits can comes with major consequences. MSP’s should encourage their clients to practice good cybersecurity habits, to ensure a safer environment. Here is a list of cybersecurity habits you should put an end to:

  1. Do not assume your company and customers are safe.

Sometimes companies get too comfortable with the state of their security if they have not yet experienced any sort of cyber-attack yet. Having a hacker attempt to attack any size business in inevitable. Everyone experiences some sort of scam at some point.

  1. Do not think of cybersecurity as a single solution.

There is no single solution to cybersecurity. There should always be backup solutions. Think of a worse- case scenario situation to have multiple solutions mapped out.

  1. Do not take security awareness for granted.

Everyone within a business should have proper cyber security training. Trainings should be required for all employees. They should also happen more than once since tactics are always advancing and changing over time. People tend to push off security training if it is not required by your company.

  1. Stop relying on a single layer of security.

A multi layered approach for cybersecurity is a must. One single layer of protection is certainly not enough to remain safe from hackers. Most hackers will figure out how to get past that first layer, leading them to succeed in their cyber-attack.

  1. No more delaying software updates.

Software updates can be dreadful to complete sometimes, but they must be updated for you to have the latest protection. Keeping up with software updates is a simple layer of protection from a cyberattack.

  1. Recognize there are many ‘phish’ in the sea.

Phishing attacks are very common and can be hard to identify. Cyber training can help you know when a phishing attempt is happening. These are common in emails, links, and texts you receive.

  1. Do not downplay the value of multifactor authentication.

MFA has become highly needed to keep account credentials safe and secure. Implementing MFA is another step in protecting yourself from having any personal data stolen.

  1. Shift from a reactive to a proactive approach to security.

Having a proactive approach to security helps you find threats faster and already having a strategic plan if an attack occurs. Waiting to just react will make the damage messier and hard to clean up.

  1. Do not forget about backup.

Backing up data is another crucial method for proper cybersecurity practices. If a company or individual experiences a cyberattack, they can lose their data very quickly, so having a backup spot for your data will prevent it from completely diminishing.

  1. Do not let your incident response plans go stale.

Since technology is forever changing, your incident response needs to be up to date. Incident responses have to evolve to keep up with the new and advanced attacks. Updating your incident response will help your team clean up the damage quickly, efficiently, and correctly.

Break these cybersecurity bad habits to keep yourself and your technology safe!

Source; SmarterMSP


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