Quick Quitting is Growing in Popularity

October 7, 2022

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“Quick quitting” is becoming a more and more popular trend. Many workers are quitting their jobs as quickly as possible and are comfortable doing so. The short tenure rate measures the fraction of positions that end after being held for less than a year. As research finds, this rate has increased within the past couple of years in several industries. Although not all industries experience this trend, many people are leaving their jobs while having worked at the job for less than a year.

Industries including technology, arts and recreation, media, administration, financial services, professional services, and transportation have seen to take the lead in quick quitting, especially in the Silicon Valley area. This area has the highest employee turnover rate, according to LinkedIn. A lot of people have also voiced their opinion of this on LinkedIn, praising quick quitting to pursue a better environment in order to be happier or for other professional reasons. Even among the questionable economy today, people are seen to still feel comfortable to jump quitting in this tight labor market.

One factor that has impacted the rise in quick quitting stems from the pandemic. Employees view their jobs differently. As seeing how fragile life can unexpectedly be, its important to be happy with where you work. They don’t want to be taken for granted. Additionally, as some businesses eventually moved employees from virtual to in- office once COVID numbers decreased, many people weren’t happy with the change. If they did not have the option to work from home, they were quick to quit. There are many other options of jobs that could fit their needs and wants instead.

The popularity in ‘quick quitting’ is rising and not slowing down. The short tenure rate shows percentages in quick quitting have risen a lot in the past couple years, although numerous industries see it more than others. People nowadays would rather be quick to quit than stick out a job they don’t like, even only being there for a short period of time. This puts pressure on jobs to increase salaries, be more flexible, have reasonable hours, and good benefits, to make employees more intrigued to stay.

Source; LinkedIn, Forbes


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