Ransomware Attacks Are Evolving

June 28, 2022

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Ransomware is the biggest global cyber threat. These attacks happen quickly, create a lot of damage, and are only getting worse. We need to be properly protected from ransomware being that it is a national security threat that has proven to evolve. There is potential it can significantly affect an entire society and economies, as warned by the National Cyber Security Centre. Although there are many forms of cyber attacks in our world, we need to be aware of how serious a ransomware attack continues to be and they scale of damage it can cause.

Ransomware is evolving at a rapid speed. Even with the war in Ukraine, ransomware attacks still are a major cyber threat. As stated by Lindy Cameron, CEO of the NCSC, “They are evolving rapidly, they are all pervasive, they’re increasingly offered by gangs as a service, lowering the bar for entry into cybercrime.” She warns how ransomware can dramatically impact societies and economies. These attacks would have even a higher success rate if it weren’t for the help from cybersecurity businesses and the NCSC. This should trigger businesses to act on getting a cybersecurity provider in place as soon as possible.

The NCSC is working to understand what drives the ransomware attacks. They want to know how ransomware gangs use certain techniques to evolve the speed and the quality of the cybercrime. Getting to the root of the problem will help figure out how experts can stop ransomware from evolving further or happening at all. “We want to make ransomware an unprofitable and unattractive business”, says Cameron. Their work in solving these problems thus far has thankfully led to removing millions of malicious URLs and suspicious email- reporting services. This has benefited others to report millions of risky emails more quickly and conquering thousands of online scams.

All in all, the rise in volume of ransomware attacks has continued to create a major global threat on societies and economies. Cybersecurity businesses are working hard to create an environment where we can be resilient to ransomware attacks. The NCSC recognizes the serious damage ransomware creates and how fast and complex it has evolved. They have warned the public of this cyber threat and want businesses to prepare to experience it at some point in time. Cybersecurity experts hope to better understand the technologies cyber criminals are using that initiate the attacks so that we can put a stop to the reoccurring, rapidly evolving, ransomware threats.

Source; ZDNet


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