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Looking for computer support? Running into an issue? Looking to talk to an IT expert about the best way to use your technology to get work done? No matter what you need, CTN is here to help. Keep in mind, if you are experiencing an issue and want to submit a support ticket, please be detailed when describing what you were doing so we can recreate the issue and solve it for you as quickly as possible!

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Case Study

We've been helping local businesses get a handle on their IT since 1997. Here are some of the results that our clients get when working with us.

A Conference Center

A non-profit organization approached CTN with an important need and a challenge: the client was hosting a large outdoor event in a fairly remote location scheduled in the near future. Several thousand participants were expected to attend, and dependable external Wi-Fi service was crucial for the smooth running of all activities. Simply put, without strong and reliable Wi-Fi service, this non-profit would not be able to successfully hold its upcoming high-profile event.

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What Our Clients Say

“This was the first time I encountered a 3rd party IT department and I was leery. The responsiveness I’ve received however from the engineer team indicates to me that 3rd party IT support works as well or better than in house organizations.”

“We’ve seen some organizations over the years fail to realize the importance of the IT strategy and take the ‘hire an IT guy approach’. While they may get a talented support person with this approach, they almost never get a strategist, manager, or project leader. Then they give that person all IT responsibilities – putting them in charge of running IT. Before you make this mistake, ask yourself, would you make your bookkeeper the CFO? Is a great bookkeeper the right person to serve as your organization’s financial strategist?”


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