The Importance of Cybersecurity in Schools

April 13, 2022

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We repeatedly hear about how cybersecurity is a must in any corporate business. Yet, a place we forget that also needs strong tech security is the education sector. Schools are just as an important industry as any other business that needs to take cybersecurity seriously. Education institutes hold a great number of finances that needs to be protected, as well as students and their information.

Unfortunately, schools struggle to strengthen their cybersecurity due to low budget and funds. Yet, they are still expected to implement a network that averts a technological threat. Additionally, many schools have now implemented the ‘Bring You Own Device” (BYOD) system, so it is difficult to promise protection for each student on their own devices.

Therefore, students should be taught about the importance of cybersecurity at a young age, to ensure that they will be able to determine what can be a scam or virus, and what is safe. For example, phishing scams happen often through email or text messages, acting as a reliable source to click on, but will then be able to access a student’s data and/ or credentials. Most adults can identify when a message is a scam, but young students will think it is safe to access. Schools should provide basic training to students to lessen the chances of them experiencing some sort of cyberattack or virus. Incorporating a technology- related course, providing a “How To” handbook with tips and advice, or other ways to educate students on their cybersecurity knowledge will be greatly beneficial.

With the reoccurring cyberattacks, phishing attempts, scams, viruses, and many other toxic sources, it is crucial that the education sector becomes aware and fully secure to prevent any technological problems. Although there can be obstacles that make it harder to stop these attacks within schools among their network, there are several tips for institutes to carry out the best practices. Regarding protection and self-awareness of young students, the key takeaway is to educate them of the common mistakes and tricks, to lessen their chances of experiencing a cyberattack on their device.




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