The Largest Recorded Data Breaches

August 25, 2022

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In this advanced digital era that we live in, it has caused data breaches to become more common. As technology advances and people become smarter to hack other people’s online information/ computers, it has just recently created the largest and most severe data breaches to be seen. Below are just some of the largest breaches within the past few years.

  1. “In 2019, First American Financial Corp. had 885 million records exposed online, including bank transactions, social security numbers, and more.”
  2. “In 2019, Facebook had 540 million user records exposed on the Amazon cloud server.”
  3. “In 2018, a Marriot International data breach affected roughly 500 million guests.”
  4. “In 2017, data of almost 200 million voters leaked online from Deep Root Analytics.”
  5. “In 2016, the AdultFriendFinder network was hacked, exposing 412 million users’ private data.”
  6. “Yahoo holds the record for the largest data breach of all time, with 3 billion compromised accounts.”

As data has proven, it is extremely crucial to learn and implement cyber security best practices. Bringing in an MSP/ cyber security expert into your business will help prevent a data breach from happening. Big or small breaches will both have a major impact on a business process as well as finances, sales, customer service, and reputation. The above list of major breaches within the past couple years are only a small portion of the many large ones that are not mentioned. The list goes on and on.

Source; Varonis


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