The Significant Role of MSPs in the WFH Debate

July 21, 2022

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As work environments have continued to switch to remote work, most organizations have come to terms that some people will lessen their time spent in the office. Due to this, MSPs are crucial now more than ever. Yet, there are some companies who are attempting to switch back to working in the office as COVID policies have become more manageable. These switch ups, debates, and challenges are something MSPs must keep up with.

Shifting to remote work comes with a new set of responsibilities from organizations. They must make processes efficient among hybrid/ remote work, adopt new, strong, remote technical security, maintain remote workers, boost investment on risk management/ security, maintain remote IT workforce, and all while managing technology to benefit employees and customers. To achieve these goals, organizations must look to MSPs for assistance. When organizations switch up a WFH to in-office on their employees, it increases the chances of resignations if it is not their preferred work method. Recently, Virginia Governor updated policies for state employees having to go back into the office full-time. Hundreds of those state employees resigned after the announcement. MSPs should also keep in mind that the debate of remote work vs in-office is not over. In some cases, remote work creates challenges. In other cases, it creates opportunities. No two companies will be adopting the same strategy.

The debate of remote work effects MSPs in that they must keep up with the changes. MSPs should expect some employees to work remote, and others choosing to go back into the office. MSPs will be increasingly caught up in the remote work debate because of the mix of challenges and opportunities that come into play. Depending on the organization, certain work methods might work out for some but not others. Therefore, MSPs need to remain flexible as policies change. The hybrid work environment relies heavily on MSPs, but no one should assume that the hybrid work debate is done.

Source; SmarterMSP


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