Tip of the Week: Going About Cybersecurity Training

May 26, 2022

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The foundation for having good cybersecurity within your business (or personal) life starts with effective, well-planned out, training. Having the knowledge of how to conquer hackers, phishing attempts, or other tech related threats and risks will give employees hope that your systems will have a better chance of surviving. Yet, those who lead training sessions should know the best practices to make it worthwhile, being that training is a cybercrime defense. Below are tips to develop a more effective cybersecurity training:

  • Keep it simple
  • There are numerous terms than can be confusing to most people who do not work in the technology field. Keeping your explanations simple and easy to understand will make it helpful to everyone.
  • Make it entertaining
  • Look into real stories to tell about cybercrime instances that has happened to other businesses. Entertaining stories, pictures, games, charts, or short video clips will keep the audience from getting bored and very engaging.
  • Be quick
  • If a training meeting is too long, employees will get restless and uninterested. Although its an important topic to learn about, keep it to a minimal time length. If you need more time to present, break up the meetings into a short weekly item to cover with your employees.
  • Make it actionable
  • Its also important to give people actionable items in the form of a basic “cybersecurity checklist.” Have them change passwords monthly, stay away from social media at work (if their position allows it), and don’t work on any personal devices.
  • Create stakeholders out of workers
  • Remind people that experiencing a cyber-attack can trickle down to affecting someone’s personal life. If an employee’s company loses a significant amount of money due to a cyber-attack, that can negatively impact someone’s paycheck, benefits, and other items, which then leads to other issues.

All companies should put cybersecurity training at the top of their list. A cybercrime can and will happen at any moment, it is unpredictable. It is a high priority factor in keeping a business safe and knowledgeable about how crucial this is. It can also prevent a lot of scary issues from happening. These days, hackers have become smarter and can easily work around a security wall. In severe cases, it will lead a business to having to shut down. Along with training, hiring a cybersecurity service will put a lot of worries at ease, when it is in the hands of cybersecurity experts. Therefore, follow these tips to make your cybersecurity training most effective and emphasizing it’s importance.


Source: SmarterMSP


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