Tip of the Week: Navigating a Cyber Resilience Strategy

May 5, 2022

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Building a good foundation of cyber resiliency is not easy. Cybersecurity threats will continue to rise and look for new ways to damage your technology as time goes on. This makes it hard to keep up with and overwhelming to manage. This week’s tip will help you overcome the confusion of implementing and handling cyber resilience.

The pro tip to keep in mind: Do not lead with technology when it comes to cyber resiliency. Greg Jones, Business Development Director at Datto, advises that a successful strategy for cyber resilience should start with people and process, and then move into the technology. Start by confirming if the people within your business have the right skillsets, education, and training knowledge. If this initial step is not complete, it will raise risks. Protect your employees first. Then, go into your conversations with customers about business (again, not technology). After this is set, move into the technology of security, monitoring, and business continuity.

Everyone finds cyber resiliency challenging. It’s important to work as a team, with MSP’s, vendors, and other resources to build your best cyber resiliency. In taking this tip of the week, it is a good start of how you go about your cyber resiliency. Resiliency is a never-ending cycle. Working with others to continuously develop cyber resiliency is key in keeping up with the evolving threats, because it is something everyone must conquer.

Source; comptia.org


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